Luminaires equipped with stretched thin foil surface and color-changing technology, are applied in the accentuated Glass Hall. These luminaries not only give the hall a special, characteristic atmosphere but they also become the representative mark of the whole building of the Palace of Arts.

In this sense, as opposed to the neutrality of the other rooms of the Museum, in the Glass Hall space gains a special accent. The lighting solutions – and in this particular case also the luminaires themselves – can bear such additional functions by which they easily become the dominant and characteristic elements of the premises.

Great-surface stretched-foil lighting equipments in the entrance hall, LED stairway lighting in the National Concert Hall, Color changing and dimmable luminaires of Ø2,5×4m size with Rentex foil cover in Glass Hall was manufactured and installed by CANDELA.

Zoboki Gábor


Interior Designer:
Gergely László
Zobor Gábor


Electric Engineer:
Villányi László