Waldmann - Engineer of Light

As an „Engineer of Light”, for more than 50 years Waldmann has been developing light solutions for all conceivable branches of industry and for all application of fields. The companyand offers has for many decades provided premium quality German craftmanship and „customized lighting” that is geared toward the task and the enviroment.


The right lighting in the right place is a vital factor for increasing productivity and employee motivation. Effortlessly being able to master visual tasks influences employee performance, quality of work and safety at the workplace. Waldmann’s lighting components developed based on the specific features and requirements of the respective work process.Waldmann was one of the first to study the practical application of LED technology. Today, Waldmann offers LED industrial lighting for the most extreme demands.

While the living space “office” as an agent of productivity is getting more and more important in our knowledge-based society, the requirements on lighting increase, too. It became an important part of design for architects and planners. Light is not only creating ambiance but also well-being and performance at the workplace. Key aspects of forward-looking lighting concepts are energy savings, cost effectiveness, health and productivity.
To meet all these requirements, Waldmann offers a wide range of luminaires for an individual illumination of workplaces in offices and administration.